Welcome to Hash Basis LLP

Mackenzie Patel
Mackenzie Patel
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February 6, 2023

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Welcome to Hash Basis LLP

February 6, 2023

Welcome to Hash Basis LLP

We are so excited to announce the launch of Hash Basis LLP, a crypto native accounting firm that focuses on the bleeding-edge accounting issues related to digital assets. The blockchain industry is still in its nascency and so are the accounting guidelines that govern this menagerie of on-chain activity, from bridging tokens on Axelar to DeFi on Avalanche. Our firm provides accounting services to help businesses and individuals aggregate all of their financial activity, both fiat and crypto, to produce reliable financial statements. 

We aim to be the most accurate, ethical and customer-centric accounting firm out there. We place a strong emphasis on education and continually learning so we can respond to all the wild innovations happening every day. The rails of the world’s financial systems are slowly inching towards a blockchain-based system, and we want to be the premier accounting firm in this “changing of the guards” from the old world to the new. Hash Basis is being built on a foundation of open-mindedness and ravenous curiosity, and we’re excited to bring this energy to our clients.

Who We Are

Mackenzie Patel, CPA

“Hi! I’m Mackenzie Patel, one of the co-founders of Hash Basis. I had a fever dream about Hash Basis back in April 2022 after attending a crypto meetup at Atlas Cafe, and the idea of starting an accounting firm took hold from there. After talking with Jake Hartnell (one of the core members of Juno and Stargaze protocols), I realized how niche crypto accounting was. There was a teeming pool of developers in crypto, but the accountants were conspicuously missing. 

I met Courtney while working at Figment and our natural synergy was evident from the beginning. Courtney had everything I was looking for in a co-founder: deep industry knowledge, an unparalleled work ethic and an appetite for learning. In this industry, we have to accept that we don’t know everything, but that we research tirelessly until we figure out the right answer. “Anything can be solved” has been my motto since I started at Figment, and it’s held true during my tenure there. Hash Basis is our latest adventure, and I can’t wait to bring my passion about crypto accounting to others.”

Courtney Paul

“Hi! I’m Courtney Paul, a co-founder of Hash Basis. I joined Figment determined to leave a mark in the rapidly growing blockchain industry, not knowing my love for numbers would be re-instilled thanks to Mackenzie’s contagious enthusiasm towards blockchain, accounting, and learning! The entrepreneurial drive within me has been long-standing, originating from my early observation of my grandfather's ability to construct a successful business through meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence.

Mackenzie's unwavering commitment to her work was evident from the beginning. If the solution was not immediately apparent, she demonstrated a relentless pursuit of knowledge, utilizing all available resources until a resolution was reached. These characteristics combined with her attention to detail and drive to constantly improve make Mackenzie a highly sought after individual in any field.”

Both Mackenzie and Courtney have a combined ten years of accounting experience and three years of intensive crypto knowledge thanks to Figment. They’re not afraid of getting into the weeds with complex data and the nitty gritty of US GAAP to figure out the correct accounting treatment. Their extensive contacts in the industry also serve as a support system to make Hash Basis an even more resilient and versatile firm.

What We Do

Hash Basis exists to provide digital asset bookkeeping and tax support to crypto clients. We also offer consulting, fiat accounting and crypto subledger implementation services (for more information on these offerings, see our services page here). We are plugged into the digital asset space and want to help clients see a complete picture of their business activity, which consists of on-chain and fiat data. A big gap that we’re seeing now is that businesses, especially smaller crypto startups, don’t have visibility into the financial impact of their crypto activity - their bank accounts and credit cards are plugged into Quickbooks, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. On the tax side, we’ve noticed individuals with scattered crypto activity have difficulty pulling their data together and making sense of it from a US tax perspective. Our mission is to decode the on-chain gibberish and deliver accurate numbers to our clients. Having a correct view of your taxes or income statement is empowering, and we want to get our clients there.

Connect with Hash Basis

We want to hear from you and see how we can help! If you have any crypto accounting needs (i.e. cleaning 2022 data, Form 8949 for tax season or chatting with a professional about wallet hygiene), reach out to us here. You can also sign up for our newsletter, Inside Basis, to get weekly insights into the accounting and blockchain industries, in addition to snippets from the latest Hash Basis articles.

Crypto accounting is complex - we can help you hash it out. 💥

Mackenzie Patel

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